A Book and a Hug


Wild Thing/Annie Oakley/Mirette


Doesn't want to sit still, doesn't want to hear about anything that happened a long time ago. What matters is right here and right now and let's have fun while we're at it. Great problem solvers. She's playful, wants something on the edge scary or breaking the rules. Highly spontaneous, practical, daring and hands on. She doesn't want to think about it…she wants to do it. And if she can't do it right now, then she'll read about it but it better be hilarious, action packed, suspenseful, or bathroom humor. No rules please. Highly flexible and high energy. She reads graphic novels, Captain Underpants, The "Butt "books, and as an older reader likes to venture into the dark side for the thrill of it and experience something intense. It's not about the relationships for this girl…'s pure what if I….and that's entertainment! Franny K. Stein, Robert San Souci's scary books, and issue books that might disturb adults!

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