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She seeks to understand and loves to gather knowledge about big questions. Philosophy, world records, how things work, why we do things the way we do are all areas she wants to explore and question. She reads fantasy, Lloyd Alexander, Susan Cooper, T.A. Barron and Robin McKinley and may work for her and possibly some science fiction like the Susan Beth Pfeffer books or HOUSE OF THE SCORPION. She would read non-fiction, some historical fiction that includes a big question and a reliable setting, King Arthur and some of the classics that have been proven to be reliable sources. She gets bored quickly, wants to question and find out what authorities think about something. Then she'll decide for herself if she thinks that rings true. May read an issue book to understand the issue, for example, SOLD by Patricia McCormick. Not looking for emotion or connection. She is figuring the world out on her own terms. Highly imaginative.

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