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Heart/Home/Friends Forever


Loves the traditional, serving, an orderly world, family, animals, relationships, reading about realistic situations. She uses her five senses to ground herself, to connect to the world and looks for the right way to do things. She reads Little House on the Prairie, Ivy and Bean, Sarah Dessen, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She is looking for a place to belong, to find out what is the "right" way to do things, for familiar things (so series are great), may like romance, historical fiction and will probably search by the keywords since she loves detail so very much. She may enjoy doing crafts. As she heads into her teen years, she may explore the dark side through books to explore it and to make a place for it in her very organized and tangible world. Thrive on affection and praise and want to be accepted socially so may read what others are reading just to belong. Will read magic books along the lines of Cornelia Funke, Patricia Wrede, Nesbit to enjoy the family, the friendships, the relationships and the spark of magic involved.

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