A Book and a Hug


What makes a book for a boy?

If they can IDENTIFY WITH THE CHARACTER: Books that reflect their image of themselves-what they aspire to be and to do.

HUMOR -Books that make them laugh and that appeal to their sense of mischief

ACTION: Fiction that focuses on action more than on emotion /Storied: PLOT AND ACTION not description

SERIES: Books in a series provide a sense of comfort and familiarity; show “what’s up” with characters they’ve come to know

VISUAL: Graphic novels and books with pictures; comic books

EXPORTABLE KNOWLEDGE: headlines, box scores, jokes, cool part of book/movies; trivia

CONTROVERSY: Books that are edgy or controversial-worth arguing about and caring about; Contain powerful or positive ideas

SATIRE: Are “novel” or unexpected

LIFE-EXPANDING: Contain political o moral appeal; answer questions about manhood

IDENTITY: Books in which a boy can be a boy-dogs do not judge boys


MECHANICAL-how things work

WAR books


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